04. Jun 2014

Packaging specialist Wipf AG introduces compostable valve

As the demand for biodegradable and compostable packaging continues to rise, the number of innovative solutions designed to meet this demand are also expanding swiftly. Now, Wipf AG, a 100-year old independent Swiss packaging company, has entered the arena.

The company, whose core competence is the development and production of high-barrier packaging films and pouches, but who has also developed sophisticated pressure-release valve technology, has introduced a bioplastic version of its proprietary Wicovalve.
The aroma-protection/pressure-relief valve was originally designed for coffee. Packaged freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide gas as it cools, a process that can take as long to a week. Degassing the coffee in bulk, i.e. prior to packaging it, means that the coffee will lose its freshness. Hence, degassing valves were devised, that could be integrated into the packaging. The valves are one-way: the gas generated by the freshly roasted coffee beans must be allowed to escape from the packaging, but no oxygen or water vapor should be able to enter.
Wipf has systematically refined its valve technology over the past 30 years to attain the highest conceivable quality standards. Thanks to a failure rate of less than 0.01%, comprehensive functionality, and a shelf life of three years, the valves represent the widely accepted benchmark today.

Moreover, the technology has carried over into other applications such as packaging for doughs, soy products, cheeses, mushrooms or microwavable meals to be marketed in consumer-friendly packaging yet in full compliance with the requirements of modern logistics. Wipf manufactures pressure-relief valves featuring different material combinations, response pressure levels, flow volumes, and particle filters to meet the needs of every application.

The company’s new – and the world’s first - biocompatible valve has been especially for the coffee industry. It can be composted pursuant to industrial standard EN 13432 valvein combination with biodegradable laminates. It is based on the highly popular W606 coffee valve and is designed for heat-sealing. In combination with biocompatible laminate materials, the coffee roaster can now offer a packaging system that is totally biodegradable and provides optimized protection of whole-bean coffee against aroma loss.

The new bioplastic valve debuted at last month’sInterpack in Düsseldorf, where it was enthusiastically received by visitors from across the globe.

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