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bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 02/2023

The next issue 02/2023 (Mar/Apr) will be published on April 10th, 2023.

It will highlight:

1) Thermoforming / Rigid Packaging
2) Foam


What is bioplastics MAGAZINE?

Well established in this industry, bioplastics MAGAZINE, has been the global number one trade magazine dedicated exclusively to bioplastics, i.e. plastics from renewable resources and/or biodegradable plastics for more than 16 years. And over the last years bioplastics MAGAZINE (including the web-based daily news and the smartphone/tablet app) has indeed become the unique information platform for bioplastics worldwide. bioplastics MAGAZINE is complemented by basic books and high class conferences, published and organized by Polymedia Publisher GmbH.

bioplastics MAGAZINE is read by decision-makers in all parts of this business. For instance raw material suppliers and compounders, machine and mould makers, converters, brand owners, the complete distribution chain (wholesale and retail) as well as lobbyists, scientists and politicians, bioplastics MAGAZINE is an independent and neutral source of information.
With an average of 10,000 readers each issue of the digital version of the magazine plus an average print run of 3000 - 6000 (depending on large events such as exhibitions or conferences) the estimated number of readers is of course much higher, as many copies of bioplastics MAGAZINE are circulated or passed on to other interested readers.

Since its start in early 2006 bioplastics MAGAZINE has experienced a constant, and very positive, feedback from its readers.

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