19. Apr 2024

GAIA Biomaterials receives US compostability certificate for limestone-based bioplastic

GAIA Biomaterials receives US compostability certificate for limestone-based bioplastic

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has been the leading authority on compostable products and packaging in North America for over twenty years.

BPI provides third-party verification of whether an item meets ASTM’s compostability standards. It is also a method for ensuring that all claims of compostability are supported by scientific evidence, as requested by the FTC.

The current BPI Certification mark covers Biodolomer for film applications. More certification processes are underway.

"We have been producing Biodolomer for nine years", says CEO Peter Stenström. "Unlike many other bioplastics, it does not use materials grown on farmland. It is based on limestone, one of the most common materials on the planet."

"Biodolomer does not result in any microplastics and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80 % compared to fossil plastics if burned."

Biodolomer is used for a variety of film-based applications, such as grocery bags, aprons, and various farming uses. Biodolomer granules can also be used in thermoforming, blow moulding, tube extrusion, extrusion coating, and 3D printing. Making it possible to use it for a large number of single-use products, from drinking straws to beer cups, bottles, and food containers. It can be used in the same production lines as traditional plastic with minimal adjustments.

It is becoming increasingly clear that recycling alone can’t solve the world's plastic waste problem. Compostable materials are an important part of the solution – especially regarding food packaging – and they do not need new infrastructure.

"One main concern in recycling is packaging materials that end up in food waste and contaminate it so that it can’t be composted. With BPI-certified materials such as Biodolomer, this is not a concern."

Gaia Biomaterials is based in Helsingborg, Sweden, and among the owners are the investment company Latour and Swedish state-owned investment fund Almi Invest Greentech. AT


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