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Engineering Biopolymers

General conditions, market situation, production, structure and properties
Hans-Josef Endres, Andrea Siebert-Raths

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The new book offers a broad basis of information from a plastics processing point of view. This includes comprehensive descriptions of the biopolymer market, the different materials and suppliers as well as production-, processing-, usage- and disposal properties for all commercially available biopolymers. The unique book represents an important and comprehensive source of information and a knowledge base for researchers, developers, technicians, engineers, marketing, management and other decision-makers. It is a must-have in all areas of applications for raw material suppliers, manufacturers of plastics and additives, converters and film producers, for machine manufacturers, packaging suppliers, the automotive industry, the fiber/nonwoven/ textile industry as well as universities.


  • Definition of biopolymers
  • Materials classes
  • Production routes and polymerization
  • processes of biopolymers
  • Structure
  • Comprehensive technical properties
  • Comparison of property profiles of biopolymers with those of conventional plastics
  • Disposal options
  • Data about sustainability and eco-balance
  • Important legal framwork
  • Testing standards
  • Market players
  • Trade names
  • Suppliers
  • Prices
  • Current availabilities and future prospects
  • Current application examples
  • Future market development