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Please contact us for special rates for inner cover pages and back cover (if available).

sizetype area size (mm):bleed size (mm)price per insertion
1/1 Back cover:190 x 277210 x 297 (+3mm trim)4,600.00 EUR
1/1 Front cover inside:190 x 277210 x 297 (+3mm trim)4,100.00 EUR
1/1 Back cover inside:190 x 277210 x 297 (+3mm trim)4,100.00 EUR
1/1 Full Page:190 x 277210 x 297 (+3mm trim)3,920.00 EUR
1/2 vertical:95 x 277105 x 297 (+3mm trim)2,520.00 EUR
1/2 horizontal:190 x 138210 x 148 (+3mm trim)2,520.00 EUR
1/3 vertical:60 x 27770 x 297 (+3mm trim)1,630.00 EUR
1/3 horizontal:190 x 89210 x 99 (+3mm trim)1,630.00 EUR
1/4 vertical:95 x 138105 x 148 (+3mm trim)1,260.00 EUR


(News-Site = start page)

all banners are rotating, i.e. there are max 4 banner per position that change upon page reload by random

Regular1000 x 300 pxright hand side200.00 EURper month

1,500.00 EURper year
Large1000 x 600 pxright hand side275.00 EURper month

2,400.00 EURper year
Supreme1440 x 180 pxabove daily news300.00 EURper year

2,700.00 EURper year
Leaderboard1440 x 180 pxon top of page400.00 EURper month

3,900.00 EURper year
Welcome Mat500 x 500 pxpop-up-frame500.00 EURper month

4,200.00 EURper year

Other frequencies can be found in our Online-Media-Kit.

Web-Banner (main-web-site)

This is the "main-web-site"

Regular160 x 160 pxright hand side180.00 EURper month

1,350.00 EURper year
Large320 x 160 pxright hand side250.00 EURper month

2,300.00 EURper year
Leaderboard500 x 60 pxTop of page170.00 EURper month

2,450.00 EURper year

All Prices are net-prices without VAT or other taxes that might apply.

Gobal distribution of print issue

Global Distribution

(Status Nov. 2020)
Print run approx 4000 (average, depending on large events like exhibitions or conferences), The real number of readers however, is much bigger, as many copies of bioplastics magazine are circulated or passed on to other interested readers. For global distribution see graph above.
bioplastics MAGAZINE is read in 92 countries.

Editorial Planner

bioplastics MAGAZINE appears in print six times a year.

We welcome editorial contributions. Simply contact the editor.

See our Editorial Guidelines for details on how to write and submit your contribution. 

If you wish your event to be included in our event calendar, just send an e-mail to the editor.

Deadlines for contributions and press releases are the same as for ad insertions. The dates and topics of the editorial focus of each issue can be found below and in the Media kit.

Editorial calendar 2021




Highlight topics

01/2021 Jan/Feb



Automotive, Bioplastic Foams, Enzymes

02/2021 Mar/Apr



Injection Moulding, Agriculture
horticulture, Mass Balance

03/2021 May/Jun



Blow Moulding
Bottle Applications, Joining bioplastics (glueing, welding), Carbon capture

04/2021 Jul/Aug



Rigid Packaging, Toys, Bio-Polypropylene

05/2021 Sep/Oct



Fiber / Textile / Nonwoven, Biocomposites incl. thermoset, Bioplastics from CO2

06/2021 Nov/Dec



Films/Flexibles/Bags, Coating, Cellulose (regenarates, derivats, fibres)





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