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A recognised authority in the industry, bioplastics MAGAZINE, has been the global number one trade magazine dedicated exclusively to plastics from renewable resources and/or biodegradable plastics since 2006. bioplastics MAGAZINE, including the web-based daily news, the biweekly newsletter and the smartphone/tablet app, has now grown into the premier information platform for bioplastics worldwide. bioplastics MAGAZINE is complemented by  books and a series of unique, professional conferences, published and organised by Polymedia Publisher GmbH.

bioplastics MAGAZINE is read by decision-makers from all parts of this business. It is an independent source of information for material suppliers and compounders, machinery and mould manufacturers, converters, brand owners, the complete distribution chain as well as lobbyists, scientists and politicians.

With an average print run of 5000 (depending on large events such as exhibitions or conferences) bioplastics MAGAZINE also boasts a very high secondary readership level. Since its start in early 2006, bioplastics MAGAZINE has received constant, very positive feedback from its readers.

bioplastics MAGAZINE appears in print every second month, usually on the first Monday of the even months of the year (Feb, April and so on).

It is mailed to readers around the world. Subscribers pay just EUR 169.00 for 6 issues, incl. shipping and handling + VAT where applicable.

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The successful  conferences organized by bioplastics MAGAZINE include the PLA World Congress, the PHA platform World Congress as well as the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (during K fair), the bio!PAC conference (biobased materials for the packaging industry, bio!CAR (biobased materials for automotive applications and the new bio!TOY (biobased materials for toy applications). Please contact us for sponsoring, exhibiting or speaking opportunities.

Advertising in bioplastics MAGAZINE, whether in the print edition or digitally in our newletters, app, or on the website, is an easy and cost effective means to reach your target group. This includes banners, an entry in the Suppliers Guide (print and online) or printed advertisments in the magazine. The cover page is also available for special cover ads.

And finally, bioplastics MAGAZINE is  always interested in editorial contributions.

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