14. Dec 2023

Sulzer launches new technology for lactide production

Sulzer launches new technology for lactide production

The licensed technology completes Sulzer’s (Winterthur, Switzerland) portfolio of licensed technologies for the manufacture of polylactic acid (PLA), an eco-friendly bioplastic.

SULAC supports the conversion of lactic acid into lactide, which is both needed to produce PLA and limited by current availability.

Sulzer Chemtech developed Sulac to meet market demand for the lactide biopolymer and ultimately facilitate the broad adoption of more circular and sustainable high-quality plastics. The licensed technology enables PLA producers to seamlessly integrate new lactic acid to lactide capabilities. It also facilitates delivery of a wide range of high-quality, competitive biopolymer grades, while improving operational efficiencies.

As a leader in the global bioplastics market, Sulzer offers a broad technology portfolio and has equipment installed at nearly every existing PLA facility worldwide. Together with Sulac, its PLA production technology includes solutions for polymerization as well as lactic acid to lactide conversion and lactide and PLA purification, providing a comprehensive PLA service offering and all the benefits of a single provider.

Sulzer Chemtech Division President Uwe Boltersdorf comments: “We are delighted to strengthen our position in the PLA value chain for our customers, as we continue to support circular manufacturing practices and the use of sustainable materials”. AT


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