11. Oct 2023

GRAFE, ORNAMIN, and TECNARO join forces for biobased reusable trays

GRAFE, ORNAMIN, and TECNARO join forces for biobased reusable trays

Reusable, biobased, and thus environmentally friendly: together, the masterbatch specialist GRAFE from Blankenhain (Germany), the biotechnology company TECNARO from Ilsfeld (Germany), and the tableware manufacturer ORNAMIN from Minden (Germany) have developed a sustainable product solution made of plastic.

The reusable bowls of the 2Go series are perfect for takeaway food from the supermarket, the bakery, the company canteen, or from home. The food can be transported without overflowing, heated in the microwave without a lid if required, and conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher.

The 2Go tableware from ORNAMIN is made of the raw material Arboblend, a biomaterial from TECNARO that has been awarded the Green Brand Germany seal several times. It consists of 94 % plant-based renewable raw materials and natural waxes, minerals, and fibres. GRAFE's masterbatch carrier material is also based on this.

"Just like the plastics used by the customer, suitable Arboblend carrier materials are used for our masterbatches. Compared to conventional carriers, we thus ensure excellent compatibility and homogeneous colouring throughout. Moreover, these are also biobased and thus environmentally friendly", says Steffen Schubert, Head of Sales D-A-CH. The Thuringian masterbatch specialist colours the biopolymer for the reusable trays with a total of six muted shades currently in series production – from blackberry to petrol and linen to sage – as well as black and white (olive green and fresh ivy green are also in development).

"We are currently converting our 2GO range to the biobased plastic; soon more than 15 products will be available in six different colours each", reports Milena von der Emde, shareholder of ORNAMIN and responsible for product management. "The new organic line from ORNAMIN convinces with excellent quality and sustainability. We are pleased about the good cooperation in the project with Tecnaro and Grafe".

"We have already been working with TECNARO for many years and jointly develop environmentally friendly plastic solutions based on Arboblend", Schubert explains. In July 2022, he says, the request from ORNAMIN came and thus the idea of biobased reusable trays was born. By working together on this project, all three companies are underlining their commitment to sustainable resource management and against the waste caused by disposable products. AT


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