09. Oct 2023

3rd PHA World Congress kicks off tomorrow

3rd PHA World Congress kicks off tomorrow

The prestigious two-day conference about everything PHA will start tomorrow, 10th of October in Atlanta, Georgia.

The conference will have over 30 presentations with topics ranging from feedstocks to compounding, and applications as well as Circular PHA systems. Currently, over 100 attendees are expected on site (with an additional 40 online).

The PHA-platform is made up of a large variety of bioplastics raw materials made from many different renewable resources. Depending on the type of PHA, they can be used for applications in films and rigid packaging, biomedical applications, automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, toys, glues, adhesives, paints, coatings, inks, and fibres for woven and non-woven. So PHAs cover a broad range of properties and applications.

The conference will address the progress, challenges, and market opportunities for the formation of this new polymer platform in the world. Every step in the value chain will be addressed. Raw materials, polymer manufacturing, compounding, polymer processing, applications, opportunities, and end-of-life options will be discussed by parties active in each of these areas. Progress in underlying technology challenges will also be addressed.

It is the first time that a conference organized by bioplastics MAGAZINE/Renewable Carbon Plastics made it across the pond, and also the first time that the PHA World Congress is held in the US. It is an exciting opportunity to network and share knowledge with industry experts. There is still time to register and join – and in case you cannot make it, don’t worry as the conference will be recorded and will be available as video-on-demand shortly after the conference is finished. AT


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