31. Aug 2023

Eastman Eastar Renew to be used in medical device packaging

Eastman Eastar Renew to be used in  medical device packaging

Pacur (Oshkosh, WI, USA), a leading custom sheet extruder in the medical space, has announced its use of Eastman’s (Kingsport, TN, USA) Eastar™ Renew 6763 to produce rigid, thermoformed, sterile barrier packaging.

This is an important step to contribute to a more circular future and divert landfill-bound plastic waste.

Eastar Renew 6763 is powered by Eastman’s innovative molecular recycling technologies and is indistinguishable from Eastar 6763 copolyester, with the same durability, safety and performance relied on by medical device companies for decades. Sourcing Eastar Renew enables Pacur to certify that plastic waste is being diverted from landfills to produce new packaging. The amount of plastic waste diverted is tracked through an ISCC-certified mass balance accounting approach that allocates recycled content to Eastman Renew materials.

Pacur is underscoring its commitment to advance a more circular future for healthcare packaging by using Eastar Renew 6763. Through their commitment to material innovation, Pacur and Eastman are driving change in the industry. Eastman will start-up the world’s largest material-to-material molecular recycling facility in Kingsport, Tenn. later this year. Molecular recycling empowers the healthcare industry to continue to put patient safety first while contributing to the elimination of plastic waste and driving the collection and recycling of hard-to-recycle materials to catalyse a circular economy.

Pacur’s use of Eastar Renew 6763 in sterile barrier packaging products is enabled by Pacur’s ISCC PLUS-certified facility, achieved in 2022. ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized, third-party certification system for tracking sustainable feedstocks through the supply chain. AT


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