07. Aug 2023

Compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil

Compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil

ADBioplastics (Valencia, Spain) and the oils and dressings producer and marketer, Capricho Andaluz (Córdoba, Spain), have developed a compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil together.

The material used for this single-use packaging is “PLA-Premium”, which has been developed by ADBioplastics. It is an industrial compostable bioplastic and is able to be disposed of in the organic bin (where permitted). These single-use products will be marketed in the coming months, initially under the Capricho Andaluz and Borges brands.

According to ADBioplastics, PLA-Premium improves elongation at break by up to 70% compared to conventional virgin PLA, making it less brittle and more elastic. The material has further improvements such as, better toughness and impact resistance, cycle times and density that are comparable to PET, improved barrier properties (water vapor and oxygen), and transparency levels similar to PET.

This important innovation adds to the already consolidated sustainability strategy of the Borges group, which works daily to reduce its environmental impact, through the TecnoBi product line, which consists of grades specifically designed for processing by cast extrusion and blow moulding technologies. These grades are OK Compost certified by TÜV Austria, which guarantees that, under industrial conditions, the material reaches the disintegration stage within a maximum of 3 months.

In addition, this material is suitable for food contact in accordance with the applicable European legislation (FCM), allowing its use in packaging applications for food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products. AT


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