24. Jul 2023

Re:soil – plant-based biodegradable vegan nail tips

Re:soil – plant-based biodegradable vegan nail tips

Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance (Japan, Kawanishi) developed plant-based biodegradable vegan nail tips with “Re:soil" trademark.

The brand name Re:soil originates from the concept of developing cosmetic products which returns back to soil by biodegradation. This time, nail tips were made from plants so that they can be called vegan nail tips. There are a few vegan nail polish products in the market already but one would not see vegan nail tips. This type of nail tips can contribute reducing CO2 emission. Furthermore, since these products are biodegradable, they can contribute reducing plastic pollutions too.

Green Science Alliance is aiming to replace all the petroleum, fossil fuel based chemical products with natural plant biomass based chemical products. The mother company is Fuji Pigment and they have been developing petroleum-based colour chemical product over 85 years. Ryohei Mori always had concern about environmental damage. He has established internal startup company named Green Science Alliance who focuses on developing natural biomass based chemical products such as biomass biodegradable plastics, biomass biodegradable resin, biomass coating, biomass glue, biomass paint, biomass colour etc... He is trying to replace all the petroleum-based chemicals into natural biomass-based chemicals in the world. In addition, recently, he already had developed water-based biomass biodegradable nail polish and 100 % vegan nail remover. And this time, Ryohei Mori has developed vegan nail tips. Vegan (plant) component is approximately 72%. Company is trying to increase the vegan component in the near future. AT


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