30. Jun 2023

Monument Chemical plans to produce CO2-based polyurethanes in USA

Monument Chemical plans to produce CO2-based polyurethanes in USA

Monument Chemical (Indianapolis, IN, USA) is the first US company to license Econic’s (Macclesfield, UK) process for manufacturing polycarbonate ether (PCE) polyols made from CO2 as a sustainable source of renewable carbon.

With Econic’s technology, Monument will upcycle waste carbon dioxide into polyols for high-performance foams, laminates, coatings, and elastomers for use in automotive, furniture, mattress, construction, and industrial applications. Monument will begin production based on the Econic process in late 2023.

Econic’s pioneering technology is based on its proprietary catalyst and process that enables manufacturers to replace up to 30 % of the fossil-based component in their polyols with readily available captured CO2, in their existing production plants. The technology allows the level of CO2 to be controlled at a molecular level, enabling customers to produce cost-competitive polyurethane products with equal or higher performance and a lower carbon footprint.

Don Phillips, Vice President and General Manager, Oxides, of Monument Chemical, said, “Licensing the Econic process marks a key milestone in Monument’s commitment to providing specialty solutions to our customers in the US. By embracing this groundbreaking technology, we can help our customers deliver higher-performance products with enhanced sustainability that will stand out in the marketplace”.

“The world’s drive to net-zero is forcing manufacturers to move to sustainable carbon sources, without compromising performance and cost. Monument recognizes that, and we are delighted to be working with them to make this a reality in the US polyurethane market. Our aim is to work with Monument to help sustainably grow their business with Econic’s groundbreaking technology”, said Econic CEO Keith Wiggins.
The ability of Econic’s technology to make polyurethane products better and more sustainable by using CO2 as a renewable carbon source is being recognized by major consumer brands and their supply chains. The company recently announced that it has issued licenses to polyol manufacturers in India and China. AT


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