16. May 2023

bioplastics MAGAZINE on the Plastic. Climate. Future. podcast

bioplastics MAGAZINE on the Plastic. Climate. Future. podcast

In mid-April, Alex Thielen, editor of bioplastics MAGAZINE sat down with Mateusz (Mat) Wielopolski and John Sewell who host the podcast Plastic. Climate. Future. to talk about bioplastics MAGAZINE, the concept of renewable carbon and bioplastics overall.

The podcast tries to foster the exchange of ideas and promote open good faith communication of two seemingly polar opposite groups – climate activists and members of the plastics industries.
Combining these two sides is not an easy feat, the executive of a big company rarely meets up with a climate activist for a nice cup of coffee and civilised chat. The key to bringing these two sides together on any form of common ground is, according to Mat and John, three pillars: good faith and respect, science and reason-based argumentation, and a desire to move beyond greenwashing.

The podcast aims to tackle sometimes highly controversial topics, navigating treacherous water between corporate greed and empty virtue signalling. “It is iImportant to realize that the cynicism goes both ways. The activist to the industry member and the other way around. The activist thinking that it is all about money and profit. And the industry noting that consumers are not willing to pay for the added cost of sustainability. There needs to be a discussion here. Who pays? Maybe the best way forward is that both pay more”, Mat and John say, while pointing out the importance of honesty next to good faith and respect. The podcast is about “No BS. No self or other deception. We believe that greenwashing is done by those who have no real answers or who are not serious-minded about talking about the challenges”, the podcast hosts and industry experts add.

Previous episodes featured, for example, Danimer Scientific where the topic was the “nine-syllables word – polyhydroxyalkanoates” or as you and I call them, PHAs – or Circularise where they discussed digital product passports, traceability, transparency, and what the heck a blockchain even is.

In this episode of Plastic. Climate. Future., Alex talks with Mat and John about how he ended up joining the family business bioplastics MAGAZINE and how a publication of a niece market decided to broaden its field of topics to include the other two legs that make up the concept of Renewable Carbon: Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) and Chemical/Advanced Recycling.

You can find the podcast on Spotify or the website of Plastic. Climate. Future. AT


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