06. Apr 2023

Karma Baker shifts to plant-based packaging

Karma Baker shifts to plant-based packaging

Good natured (Vancouver, BC, Canada), a North American leader in plant-based products is providing Karma Baker (Westlake Village, CA, USA), a leading all-vegan and gluten-free bakery, with plant-based packaging solutions for its nationwide distribution of baked goods.

Karma Baker has taken the nation by storm with their delectable and health-conscious baked goods, thanks to their commitment to sustainability and high-quality ingredients. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Karma Baker rose to the occasion and expanded their reach beyond Los Angeles County, offering nationwide shipping through their own ecommerce site.

To maintain their standards of providing wellness-minded treats with minimal environmental impact, Karma Baker turned to good natured® for their 99 % plant-based packaging. These BPI certified compostable products boast a sturdy crush-resistant construction with snug-fit tabs in a deep enclosure, which not only showcases the delicious baked goods in all their glory but also provides reliable protection during shipping. With no chemicals of concern, Karma Baker’s packaging ensures that customers can indulge in their treats with peace of mind, knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment.

“Choosing plant-based packaging to pack and ship our products safely across the nation is as important as the ingredients we choose to put in our baked goods”, said Celine Ikeler, Founder of Karma Baker. “We wouldn’t want it any other way for our customers, it’s just good Karma!”
The global plant-based food market size is expected to reach USD 162 billion within the decade according to a report by Bloomberg Intelligence, with more than 50 % of millennials trying to incorporate plant-based and unprocessed foods into their diet. As a result, plant-based food businesses are shifting from a niche focus around allergens to reach a greater market of consumers who prioritize great tasting food with less impact on the planet. These wellness-minded, plant-based food companies think about sustainability all through their supply chain to include packaging like those from good natured.

“We’re excited to provide eco-friendly packaging to Karma Baker who is marrying sustainability with innovation to bring their great products to market in refreshing new ways”, said Paul Antoniadis, CEO of good natured. “By using their strong influence for positive change, they’re showing how we can achieve big, audacious sustainability goals and maximize our collective positive environmental impact”. AT


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