04. Apr 2023

Carbios gears up for global commercialization of enzymatic recycling

Carbios gears up for global commercialization of enzymatic recycling

Carbios (Clermont-Ferrand, France) is geared up for the global commercialization of its PET biorecycling technology.

The successful ongoing operations in its demonstration unit in Clermont-Ferrand and the advanced engineering study for its first commercial plant (due to be commissioned in 2025) define the engineering basis and operational guidelines for units to be operated under license agreements. From technology promotion with the Technical Information Summary to project development with a specific Process Design Package and Process Book, future Carbios licensees will be handed all necessary process documentation to reliably engineer, procure, construct and operate their PET biorecycling plants under stringent HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) standards and with high product quality.

PET producers and chemical companies are natural potential customers for a technology that allows a true circularity for PET with alternative feedstock to petro-sourced monomers, and that is fully compatible with existing polymerization plants. By providing value to all possible sources of PET feedstock including complex plastic packaging and textile waste, Carbios also aims to reach out to other players in the value chain such as waste management companies and public entities. Carbios’ technology also provides a solution to brand owners in order to meet growing regulatory requirements as well as their own ambitious sustainability objectives for the inclusion of r-PET in their products and packaging.

“As the leading company in the industrialization of biorecyling technology, Carbios is keen to bring its solution for plastic and textile circularity at scale to partners around the world”, commented Stéphane Ferreira, Chief Business Officer of Carbios. “Wherever there is plastic use, there is a need for eco-responsible recycling. At Carbios, we are ready to deploy our biorecycling technology and contribute concretely to the circular economy of plastic”.

The new industrial milestone complements the collaborations with brand owners within Carbios’ two consortiums, and the exclusive long-term partnership with Novozymes, the world leader in enzyme production, which ensures the supply of enzymes to the Carbios reference unit and future licensed plants.

“With the engineering documentation now made available, we have reached a new industrial milestone on schedule in the deployment of our PET biorecycling technology”, said Lionel Arras, Industrial Development Director of Carbios. AT


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