01. Sep 2023

Biobased and Biodegradable Eyewear Applications from BioAcetate S70

Wingram is a leading sustainable materials producer most commonly known for its material of BioAcetate S70. BioAcetate S70 has an excellent eco-profile as it’s a material derived from plants and is biodegradable as well. Furthermore, it is made with no harsh chemcials and is tested to be non-skin-irritant and non-skin sensitizing.


BioAcetate S70 has its primary applications within the eyewear industry (alternative applications include: house hold appliances, e-cigarette parts, and smart phone accessories) and is typically produced into 3 types of frames:

1. Traditional Injection Frames
- BioAcetate S70 injection frames are made from BioAcetate S70 injection pellets/granules. These frames are made traditionally, like with CP or Nylon frames where a frame’s color/design are color sprayed and varnishing is required. These frames have much flexibility in colors/designs and offer great scalability due to the frames being injected.

2. Injection Acetate Frames
- BioAcetate S70 injection acetate frames are made from BioAcetate S70 pellets/granules. Injection acetate frames are unique to BioAcetate S70 injection frames which feel and look like handmade frames. Since no varnishing or color spraying for colors/designs are required, these frames offer the superior quality and touch of handmade frames but at the scalability of injection frames.

3. Handmade Acetate Frames
- BioAcetate S70 Handmade Frames are made from BioAcetate S70 sheets/slabs. Handmade frames have a superior quality and touch when compared to injection frames. BioAcetate S70 handmade frames have extra durability, longetivity, and flexibility in designs due to its Hardness Enhanced CA (HECA) characteristics.

Since the launch of BioAcetate S70, many companies and brands have been using the sustainable material BioAcetate S70 and have found that the material is a perfect balance of high performance and sustainably friendliness.

For more information visit: www.bioacetate.com


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