12. May 2022

TWELVE wins Renewable Material of the Year Award

TWELVE wins Renewable Material of the Year Award

The second edition of the Renewable Materials Conference (10–12 May 2022, Cologne, Germany) yesterday presented the Renewable Material of the Year 2022 Award. The winner is Twelve Benefit Corporation (USA) for their "Electrochemical CO2 Transformation to Chemicals and Materials"

The conference advisory board selected six companies from 36 innovative and excellent submissions. All the products presented are already available on the market or will be launched soon. The three winners were selected by the participants on the second day of the conference. The innovation award was sponsored by Covestro (Germany) and awarded jointly with the nova-Institute (Germany). And here are the three winners in detail:

First Place: Twelve Benefit Corporation (US) Electrochemical CO2 Transformation to Chemicals and Materials 
Twelve has developed a novel device that uses water and renewable energy to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into essential chemicals, materials, and fuels, using a new class of CO2-reducing catalysts. Twelve is scaling to industrial systems to transform CO2 into carbon monoxide (CO), a key chemical building block for products including car parts, furniture, building materials, jet fuel, and numerous other materials that are currently made from petroleum. By replacing the fossil carbon in chemicals with renewable, recycled carbon from CO2, emissions from thousands of essential products can be eliminated. The first products are car parts (with Daimler), sunglasses (with Pangaia), and laundry detergent (with P&G). Nicholas Flanders participated in the award ceremony remotely from the US (see photo)  www.twelve.co

Second Place: Lactips (FR) Plastic Free PaperTM with CareTips® – a Natural Polymer to Rethink Plastic
Lactips manufactures CareTips, a natural polymer with multiple technical and performance properties that is biodegradable in various environments and supports manufacturers in their environmental and regulatory transformation. A natural polymer that offers solutions to rethink plastic and master its end-of-life. It is a unique solution that meets the requirements of the most stringent regulations for single-use plastics. The latest application of CareTips is Plastic Free PaperTM, a 100 % biobased coating solution for paper and board that improves barrier properties and enables thermosealing without compromising the recyclability of paper. www.lactips.com

Third Place: Eastman (US) Material-to-Material Molecular Recycling Technologies
Material-to-material molecular recycling uses plastic waste as a feedstock to make new plastics, keeping the carbon in play and leaving more fossil feedstocks in the ground. The process breaks down the waste to the molecular level – which is indistinguishable from virgin feedstocks – to make new materials. These materials can be recycled over and over without degradation of quality, and is available at-scale, today. These processes are also key to Eastman’s climate strategy, reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20–50 % in producing the building blocks for new materials, when compared to traditional processes. www.eastman.com

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