27. Apr 2022

Trinseo launches 80 % bio attributed ABS

Trinseo launches 80 % bio attributed ABS

Trinseo (Berwyn, PA, USA) recently announced the launch of a more sustainable version of its established MAGNUM™ ABS resins for automotive applications.

During polymerization, fossil-based polymers are combined with renewable raw materials according to a mass balance process, resulting in Magnum Bio ABS resins with up to 80 % bio-attributed content, based on the ISCC Mass Balance approach.

Trinseo strives to use second generation waste such as used kitchen oil and residue from the pulp industry that do not compete with the food chain and are consistent with a sustainable food future. Because the renewable raw materials become identical in chemical composition to their fossil-based counterparts during feedstock cracking, segregation during manufacturing is unnecessary. The material is structurally and functionally the same as its fossil-based counterpart and can be used with existing tooling and equipment under the same processing conditions, meaning there is no need for requalification, all while offering a significantly lower CO2 footprint.

“The launch of Magnum Bio ABS further extends our portfolio of sustainably-advantaged materials dedicated to the automotive industry”, said Frank Schumann, Global Marketing Manager, Automotive, Trinseo. “Following the successful market introduction of our PULSE GX ECO Series, PC/ABS with recycled content, we are excited to provide our automotive customers more solutions that help them achieve their sustainability targets. Magnum Bio ABS resins are a drop-in solution, meaning it does not require requalification, and the material will maintain the same features and benefits with an improved carbon footprint”.

Recently, Trinseo launched the Sustainability Business & Services (SBS) unit led Francesca Reverberi, SVP & Chief Sustainability Officer. The new unit is focused on collaborating with all other business units, leveraging technologies, supporting sustainability-related initiatives, and ensuring their 2030 Sustainability Goals will be achieved.


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