01. Mar 2022

Woodly® material used in St1’s new heat-sealed sandwich bags

Woodly® material used in St1’s new heat-sealed sandwich bags

St1’s HelmiSimpukka (Helsinki, Finland), in collaboration with Woodly (Helsinki, Finland) and Amerplast (Tampere, Finland), launches the Woodly heat-sealed take away bag.

The heat-sealed bag is 100 % carbon-neutral and recyclable wood-based packaging material. Consumers will recognize the new packaging from the Woodly logo and the sandwiches can be found in all St1 HelmiSimpukka outlets in Finland.

Recognized as one of the biggest companies in Finland, St1 and their HelmiSimpukka outlets are known for comprehensive services and delicious foods. With the new environmentally friendly packaging solution, St1 aims to reduce food waste, increase consumer recycling, and improve the quality and shelf life of products.

“Sandwiches packaged in the Woodly heat-sealed take away bags retain freshness even longer than those packaged in a traditional plastic bag, which supports our goal of reducing food waste. In addition, the Woodly heat-sealed bag is made of renewable material and is suitable for recycling, which is in line with our responsibility thinking,” says Emil Huttunen, Marketing and Concept Manager of the HelmiSimpukka chain.

The Woodly heat-sealed bags are manufactured by Amerplast, a company with extensive experience in manufacturing flexible packaging and strong expertise in food industry requirements and packaging materials.

For Woodly, the collaboration with St1 and Amerplast can lead to extraordinary results with hopes of many more to follow suit in packaging products more environmentally friendly. “The development of the bag solution together with the HelmiSimpukka restaurant chain and bag manufacturer Amerplast has been exciting and inspiring. We see a lot of new opportunities here to expand similar Woodly heat-sealed take away bag solutions to other product categories as well,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly Oy. AT


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