21. Oct 2021

Toppan FutureCard Certified as Sustainable

Toppan FutureCard Certified as Sustainable

Toppan FutureCard, a Toppan Company, and UAE-based global end-to-end card solutions provider, has received the first-of-its-kind sustainability certification for its PLA and recycled PVC cards by Mastercard, a global technology company in the payments industry.

Last year, Toppan FutureCard successfully introduced its OXYGEN cards, a diversified range of eco-friendly cards made from sustainable materials. The two eco-friendly cards that will carry Mastercard’s sustainable badge are the OxyCYCLE PVCr, made of a 100% recycled PVC card body and the OxyPLANT PLA, consisting of a 100% degradable cornstarch-based card body.

To make eco-friendly choice the preferred option for all financial institutions, Mastercard has developed a sustainable card program that assesses sustainability claims. Using current industry benchmarks, cards made from recyclable, recycled, bio-sourced, chlorine-free or ocean plastics will carry the sustainable card badge if they significantly reduce energy consumption, material consumption, carbon footprint and waste. Annually, the benchmarks will improve as overall sustainability levels improve, continuing to contribute to better environmental management.

As a smart card provider producing millions of plastic cards monthly, developing an eco-friendly strategy to protect the environment became one of Toppan FutureCard’s primary concerns. “We at Toppan aim to meaningfully reduce the overall environmental impact of our card production. Launching an eco-friendlier card that only has an impact on carbon footprint was not enough for us – we wanted to come up with a broad portfolio of sustainable cards that significantly reduce the overall environmental impact”, says Jean-Pierre Ting, Managing Director of Toppan FutureCard.

Receiving Mastercard’s sustainability certification and badge enables Toppan FutureCard to stand out with its eco-friendly cards and to empower consumers to choose sustainable cards that meaningfully reduce the environmental impact.

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