19. Oct 2021

Emballator launches renewable bio-PP product with Borealis

Emballator launches renewable bio-PP product with Borealis

Emballator, a leading producer of packaging solutions, and Borealis, a leading provider of innovative polyolefins solutions, are expanding their portfolio in close partnership.

Borealis is providing Emballator with bio-based polypropylene for pails and containers. The raw material is made from used and recovered residue vegetable oil and cooking oils.

“For PE products it has been possible for many years to produce a product in bio-based material but for PP, until now, it has only been possible to produce bio-PP based products from renewable resources with the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance principle. With this new grade the product contains at least 30% bio-based polypropylene”, says Richard Johansson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Emballator Lagan.

The biobased material has the potential to be used in all products produced in Emballator Lagan. The packaging produced by Emballator is 100 % recyclable as PP create a circular solution, that reduces the carbon footprint further.

“At Borealis we continue to re-invent our circular product portfolio for more sustainable living. This partnership with Emballator is another step in our commitment to renewable/bio-based products that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of packaging”, says Trevor Davis, Global Commercial Director, Consumer Products.

“With Borealis as a partner we significantly lower our carbon footprint, while maintaining the existing quality standards of our product”, says Richard Johansson.



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