03. Sep 2021

Lifoam Industries launches new packaging solution for cold chain shipping

Lifoam Industries, a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products, has introduced a sustainable replacement to the traditional EPS shippers typically used for temperature-sensitive products.

Called the Envirocooler, it is an insulated shipper made with Bioffex technology - a proprietary manufacturing process with plant-based raw materials to create a new foam insulation that is composed of 100% renewable components.
Replacing expanded polystyrene with Bioffex foamed PLA, which meets ASTM D6400-19 standards for industrial compostability, will result on a lower oil and water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste in landfills traditionally seen in cold chain shipping. The Bioffex technology allows packaging, such as the Envirocooler insulated shipper, to break down and blend back in with the earth in less than three weeks, further reducing environmental impact.

In addition to its renewable attributes, the Envirocooler insulated shipper with Bioffex technology delivers performance comparable to traditional EPS foam shippers, offering protection of payload with reliable temperature control. This technology meets strict shipping specifications for temperature-sensitive products while providing an environmentally responsible solution – a perfect combination for companies seeking sustainable alternatives that reduce waste and impact on the environment while upholding stringent performance standards.

“We are excited to see this product take off and for the positive impact it will have as we replace traditional EPS foam with a technology that is made of renewable and bio-based materials and will degrade in under three weeks” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade.

The Envirocooler insulated shipper requires little to no changes in shipping operations, making a switch to this sustainable alternative seamless for most existing cold chain distribution channels. “Companies can expect the same performance, reliability, quality, and usability of traditional EPS while reducing their environmental footprint,” Gettig said.


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