28. Jul 2021

Pregis earns industrial compostable certification for its Flo-Pak Bio loose fill product line

Pregis earns industrial compostable certification for its Flo-Pak Bio loose fill product line

Pregis, a leading global manufacturer of protective packaging, has obtained “industrial compostable” certification for its Flo-Pak Bio product line of loose fill products—The Bio One (green, using natural food coloring) and The Clean Bio One (white) chips.

Industrial compostable certification by independent certification agency, DIN CERTCO, Berlin, Germany, in accordance with EN 13432, means that the starch-based loose fill can be disposed in an organic waste bin along with other compostable items such as food and garden waste. The product can also be reused multiple times.

The certification agency has granted Pregis’ Bio line with two internationally recognized certification marks—the Seedling compostability mark and the DIN-Geprüft test mark for industrial compostability, which are based on the EN 13432 standard.

“Because our Flo-Pak Bio loose fill products are made entirely from natural, non-genetically modified raw materials—air, water and vegetable starch—they completely break down making it an extremely sustainable packaging solution. Now with independent certification, packers can be confident that our Bio chips are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and/or reusable attributes. Using this void-fill product to protect their products will also help them meet sustainability objectives,” said Manon Canisius, product manager, Pregis.

The Bio closed foam figure-eight loose fill chips are ideal void fill solution for heavy, sharp and/or odd-shaped products. The product is also chemically inert, non-toxic and is lightweight to transport. Additionally, the Bio loose fill solutions are 100% soluble in water and work with current dispensing systems for higher volume applications.

www.pregis.com, www.pregiseu.com.

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