31. Aug 2020

15th European Bioplastics Conference goes virtual

15th European Bioplastics Conference goes virtual

In response to the on-going Corona pandemic, European Bioplastics (EUBP) has decided to make this year’s EUBP Conference a virtual happening. According to the association, the online format will open the door for new discussions and opportunities for bioplastics.

This year’s conference will focus on the latest innovations as well as on environmental aspects and opportunities for growth in the bio-based plastics sector. The call for paper is open and experts are invited to submit proposals for a presentation on the following topics: bio-based and/or biodegradable polymers – latest material and process innovations; packaging innovations, especially food contact solutions; additives for bioplastics, such as bio-based plasticisers, flame retardants etc.; mechanical and chemical recycling of bio-based plastics; the role of compostable and/or bio-based plastics in national and international waste legislation; sustainability assessment with focus on LCA of bio-based plastics; new (durable) applications introduced in 2020; sneak preview 2020 – product and material pre-launch, and the bioplastics policy and market developments in the EU and beyond.

The association calls on anyone wishing to contribute to the programme to download the abstract template.
It would also like to invite proposals for poster presentations giving researchers and new projects the opportunity to visualise their work and preliminary results in the fields of biopolymer research, packaging, and building blocks. Anyone wishing to contribute a poster presentation, should contact European Bioplastics to obtain the template.
The deadline to submit an abstract for this Call for Papers is 13 September 2020.


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