24. Aug 2020

Sulapac’s Nordic Collection: biodegradable and compostable cosmetics packaging

Sulapac’s Nordic Collection: biodegradable and compostable cosmetics packaging

Sulapac’s new cosmetics jar range from international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack is sustainable, using a special material that mimics nature and designs out waste.

The Sulapac Nordic Collection is biodegradable, suitable for industrial composting and produces no harmful microplastics. The material is organically recyclable and made primarily from renewable raw materials The jars are made in Germany, so European brands can enjoy packaging manufactured in the region.

The creation of the new range builds on Quadpack's experience in fibre injection and bi-injection technologies. Available in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml capacities, the Nordic Collection is perfect for oil-based or waterless products. The 50ml jar has a bi-injected inner barrier to enable certain water-based formulations.

The Nordic Collection comes in a choice of nine colours and can be decorated using silk screening and pad printing. The dappled wood texture can be left visible to highlight the pack's sustainable nature, underscoring a brand's green credentials.

Sulapac named Quadpack its Preferred Global Cosmetics Packaging Partner in December 2019. Becoming Sulapac’s Preferred Partner for Cosmetics is a step further in Quadpack’s sustainable product development strategy. The Nordic Collection is the first full range to be launched as part of Quadpack’s Q-Line portfolio.

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