03. Jul 2020

Making polymers out of air

Making polymers out of air

Photanol BV and RENOLIT SE, a manufacturer of high-quality polymer films, sheets and other polymer solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to develop polymers based on CO2 absorbed from the air in a direct, fully circular and CO2 -neutral conversion process without using (fossil) oil and gas.

Photanol has developed unique technology that reduces the impact of chemical industry on global warming while still providing the benefits of virgin high performance polymers.

The process uses light and CO2 as raw material and produces monomers, i.e. the building blocks for polymers, with the help of cyanobacteria. These bacteria carry out photosynthesis, during which process they absorb carbon dioxide, and emit oxygen.

RENOLIT Board member and General Manager Healthcare Thomas Sampers: “This partnership is bringing a long series of benefits to our healthcare customers and patients, amongst which fully sustainable raw materials, better quality of medical devices due to higher purity of the raw materials and a secured supply-chain. Furthermore Photanol will not only develop and manufacture monomers for the needs of RENOLIT Healthcare, but also for other applications of our Group.”

Veronique de Bruijn, CEO of Photanol: “We are excited to have an experienced partner on our side for the development of circular polymers which will have a huge impact on a global scale. Teaming up with RENOLIT helps us to bring this fascinating disruptive technology to many markets at competitive cost while taking care of the planet”.


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