06. Jan 2020

First silage stretch film made of recycled material, also available in biobased version

First silage stretch film made of recycled material, also available in biobased version

Trioplast, a film manufacturer headquartered in Sweden, has been committed to the sustainable use of their products since the 1990s. The company has a large sustainable product portfolio featuring products with reduced material usage or raw material made from renewable resources. The company has now developed the first premium silage stretch film ever based on post-consumer recycling material (PCR). Trioplast now has a patent pending for the use of PCR in the production of all their stretch films.

As a leading producer of polyethylene film, Trioplast has long focused on promoting the sustainable use of plastics in farming and agriculture without compromising on efficiency and silage quality for the user.

Trioplast’s product offering includes products made from recycled raw material, products with less material usage and products based on renewably-sourced feedstocks.

Its TriO2 silage film, for example, incorporates a high level of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Offering good oxygen barrier properties, the film is a mono-material solution without barrier materials as EVOH or PA and is 100% recyclable.

The company’s latest development is a silage stretch film for bale wrapping. Produced from recycled (PCR) polyethylene, calculations have shown that the total carbon footprint of this patent pending product is >15% lower compared to virgin-based film.

In addition, it is also possible to replace the fossil-based material with a film based on renewably-sourced feedstock. The company’s premium silage stretch film Triowrap BIO is based on fossil-free green polyethylene based on feedstock derived from sugarcane. This stretch film demonstrates the same properties and yields the same high silage quality as Trioplast’s other premium films.


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