15. Nov 2019

Golden Compound wins 'Biocomposite of the Year 2019' Award

At the the 8th Biocomposites Conference in Cologne, as usual, the delegates voted for the Innovation Award 'Biocomposite of the Year 2019'

And the winner is: Colden Compound with its HOMEcap:

HOMEcap is the world’s first and only home compostable capsule successfully introduced in the market that is ‘OK compost HOME’ certified. 

Biodegradation in home compost avoids considerable waste streams. The capsule was successfully launched on the market in the spring of this year. It is made from a unique compound comprising PTTMCCs PBS and PBSA mixed with sunflower seed shells and inorganic fillers. It comes with a paper and cellulose based lid, sealable to the capsule without additional glue, home compostable as well. 

The material composition results in low oxygen transmission rates, which allows to avoid additional barrier packaging and is therefore saving waste. A VDI 4605 sustainability assessment showed that this capsule outperforms current state of the art capsules, like deep-drawn PP EVOH multilayer capsules, in terms of sustainability. More information: 


Golden Compound

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