Shiseido and KANEKA launch joint development of biodegradable cosmetics containers


Japan-based cosmetics company Shiseido and Kaneka Corporation have joined forces to develop biobased packaging for Shiseido’s cosmetic products based on Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer PHBH, a proprietary material that is also biodegradable in seawater.

aThe initiative stems directly from the corporate mission formulated by Shiseido in 2019: ”Beauty innovations for a better world”.
Aiming to remain vital and relevant for the next 100 years and beyond, Shiseido will work toward the realization of a better, sustainable world from a long-term perspective through “beauty innovation” driven by its core business. As part of its ongoing initiatives, Shiseido aims to develop a biodegradable container with less environmental impact by combining Kaneka's proprietary polymer material development technology and Shiseido’s long years of expertise in developing containers for cosmetics.
As the first Japanese company to participate in SPICE (Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics: an initiative for the development of sustainable packaging for cosmetics), Shiseido has been working toward a common goal of “collectively shaping the future of sustainable packaging” with global cosmetics companies since 2018.
Furthermore, the company has been using sugarcane-derived polyethylene containers for its hair care products since 2011 and plastic resins mechanically recycled from collected plastic bottles for its body shampoo containers since 2015.


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