Corbion and Green-Basilisk SENTIALL Innovation Named Bio-Based Product of the Year


A highly innovative bio-based solution co-created by biotechnology leader Corbion and Green-Basilisk, a spin-off of Delft University of Technology, was named Bio-Based Product of the Year by Bio Market Insights in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, earlier this month.

The award celebrates the application of SENTIALL biotechnology from Corbion to create a self-healing concrete product brought to market by Green-Basilisk.

sThe concept was born when a team at TU Delft discovered how to manufacture a bacteria that, when exposed to oxygen and water, would fill cracks in concrete by converting substrates into limestone, thereby repairing those cracks automatically. The team collaborated with Corbion to develop a substrate that could survive the process of making, pouring and curing the concrete.

SENTIALL provided a key component of the self-healing mechanism through a co-polymer that releases the substrate when a crack occurs without affecting the setting time or the strength of the concrete. Green-Basilisk was established to commercialize the innovation, which dramatically improves the durability of concrete structures, reduces costly maintenance and repairs, and helps to safeguard the integrity of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and other structures affecting public safety.

"Together with Corbion we are now able to provide the market with an innovative alternative for ordinary concrete", says Bart van der Woerd, managing director of Green-Basilisk. "Self-Healing Concrete is more sustainable and durable and has therefore a great future in the construction business."

"The solutions of greatest value to the world are the ones capable of delivering lasting value," said Frederik Feddes, vice president-Biochemicals at Corbion. "In our experience at Corbion, those solutions usually result when we combine our strengths and share a sense of urgency about making a difference. We happily accept this recognition, along with our co-creators at Green-Basilisk, and are inspired by the other exciting collaborations brought to light by the Bio Market Insights Awards."

The SENTIALL platform was commercially launched in February 2019 by Corbion . It is a versatile co-polymer platform that delivers specific, high-value functionalities such as adhesion or controlled release in a range of industries and applications. The project with Green Basilisk is one of the first successful applications of the new SENTIALL platform.


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