10. Apr 2019

First modular storage system from Bio-on’s bioplastic on show in Milan

First modular storage system from Bio-on’s bioplastic on show in Milan

Only a few short months following the announcement of the alliance between Kartell, a leading design company, and biotechnology company Bio-on, the first fruits of the partnership are being exhibited at the Salone del Mobile.Milan.

aKartell has chosen to produce a new eco-friendly and sustainable edition of one of its best sellers - a modular storage unit designed in 1967 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri - in Bio-on’s 100% natural bioplastic material. The 50-year old design is available in four colours: green, pink, cream and yellow in the three-module version.
For Kartell, research is a mission, said company president Claudio Luti. “We will continue to experiment to combine innovation and design.”
Kartell celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, thus ‘we are happy to be able to reach another milestone’, he added.
“We have worked with Bio-on to be able to offer our public a very high-quality bioplastic product and we have chosen to do it on one of our historic products, one of the most recognized in the world. Research on bioplastics fits with our quest for innovation and is part of the "Kartell loves the planet" project aimed at enhancing good sustainability practices.”
For Bio-on, it is ‘an honour’, said founder and CEO Marco Astorri. The company is proud to see its bioplastic showcased with one of the most famous Italian design brands in the world. To reciprocate and in gratitude for the trust placed in the material, Bio-on has given the biopolymer used for this specific application the name CL, the initials of Claudio Luti.
In just a few days, Bio-on first saw the launch of the first line of solar cosmetics based on its technology, and now the first piece of furniture. “It is a clear confirmation of the extreme versatility that our biopolymer can offer, bringing its extraordinary advantages to all sectors,” Astorri concluded.


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