EcoCortec opens second plant in Croatia


EcoCortec, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, VpCI anticorrosion packaging materials, has opened a second plant in Croatia. The grand plant opening and ribbon cutting ceremony took place in Beli Manastir, a Croatian town located in the eastern part of the country where the existing plant is also located.

nNumerous guests as well as members of the media and local government including the Mayor of Beli Manastir were present. CEO of Cortec Corporation, Boris Miksic, cut the ribbon of the new plant, together with his mother Nina.
Partly-funded by the Croatian ministry of economy, the expansion doubles production capacity at EcoCortec. The new 2,000m² production facility houses a state-of-the-art E5 extrusion line, including features such as: 6.2m wide film and bags on roll and perforated sheets.

EcoCortec produces a range of biodegradable and compostable films and bags under its Eco Film, Eco Works, Eco Wrap and Eco Corr brands. The films are manufactured using the parent company Cortec’s patented VpCI technology.

Available in film, foam technology and custom-converted papers, the products are an effective alternative to polyethylene films and bags. The products provide efficient corrosion protection, have excellent strength and are 100% biodegradable.

EcoCortec manufactures the films in a range of specifications, including flat tubing, gusseted tubing, single-wound sheeting, centerfold sheeting and other configurations. Colour concentrates and other additives can be added based on customer’s requirements.

2018 has been especially successful for EcoCortec. Along with the growing sales the company has finalized its expansion and entered numerous new projects. Currently, EcoCortec is a partner in the €1.95 million European BIOCOMPACK project supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE.

EcoCortec has also launched Europe’s first collection and recycling initiative for used films and plastic bags. Both projects are aimed at decreasing plastic waste in Europe and in boosting the recycling and reuse of this important material.