It's curtains for Rennovia


Santa Clara, California-based specialty chemical company Rennovia Inc. has ceased operations, writes Jim Lane in a story published today on

mFounded in 2009, and focused on the creation of novel processes for the cost advantaged production of chemicals from renewable feedstocks,Rennovia has failed to raise sufficient financing from investors and/or strategic partners to advance its pilot-scale technology to first commercial production. The bulk of the IP assets have been sold and the company's physical assets are currently in liquidation.

With the preview on March 19, the liquidation sale will start on March 20 for two days for those who are interested in buying some of their equipment and other physical assets. On offer is the company's 24,000 sq. ft research & development facility featuring a variety of high end instruments, reactors, and facility support. The negotiated sale, which will be followed by a global online auction, is being handled by Silicon Valley Disposition.