30. Aug 2016

3D Printed Urban Cabin made from bioplastic newest DUS project

3D Printed Urban Cabin made from bioplastic newest DUS project

DUS does it again: the firm's latest project is an on-trend, 3D printed 'small house'.


The Amsterdam firm of architects responsible for such innovative projects as the 3D printed Canal House and the Europe Building used for formal meetings of the ministers during the Netherlands’ six-month stint at the helm of the the Council of the European Union recently introduced their newest project: the 3D printed Urban Cabin, designed, say the architects, as a mini-retreat, to escape the speed of everyday city life.

The 3D printed Urban Cabin transforms a former industrial area in Amsterdam from a vast empty space into an urban retreat, complete with pocket park and outdoor bathtub. The building is a research project to explore compact and sustainable dwelling solutions in urban environments. It is entirely 3D printed with bio-plastic and can be fully recycled and reprinted in the following years.

The 8 m2, 25 m3 house fits the ‘tiny house’ trend in which small dwelling designs solve large housing issues. The cabin boasts a mini-porch, and indoors is equipped with a sofa dwhich can double as a twin bed. The design plays with the relations between indoor and outdoor spaces creating luxury within a minimum footprint. Entirely 3D printed with black colored bio-based material, it showcases different types of façade ornaments, form-optimization techniques and smart solutions for insulation and material consumption. The floor and stepped porch are combined with a concrete finish creating a beautiful pattern that extends into a path in the pocket park. In the green around the cabin is a sculptural printed bathtub, for pastoral bathing pleasure.

3D printing techniques can be used particularly well for small temporary dwellings or in disaster areas. After use, the bio print material can be shredded entirely and re-printed into new designs.

The Urban Cabin is part of the 3D Print Living Lab by DUS architects. It is another step in using the firm's in-house developed 3D print technology to build sustainable, customizable and on-demand housing solutions for the fast growing cities around the globe.

The 3D Print Urban Cabin can be booked for a short stay.(KL)


Photography: Ossip van Duivenbode, Sophia van den Hoek, DUS Architects

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