What is VAT Identification number?

EU-StateName of VAT-NrAbbr.syntax of VAT-ID-Nr (country code)# of further digits
BelgiumNuméro T.V.A / BTW-NummerN° TVA / BTW-nrBE9
DenmarkVaremodtagers moms-nrSE-nrDK8
GermanyUmsatzsteuer- IdentifikationsnummerUSt-IdNr.DE9
FranceNuméro d'identification TVAID. TVAFR11
GreeceA.ø.M. (Tax Registration N°)A.ø.M.EL8
IrelandVAT Registration NumberVAT REG NOIE8
ItalyCodice IVA (Numero Di Partita IVA)P.IVAIT11
LuxemburgNuméro d'identification TVAID. TVALU8
The NetherlandsOmzetbelastingnummerOB nummerNL12
PortugalNumero de identificacao fiscalNIPCPT9
AustriaUmsatzsteuer- IdentifikationsnummerUIDATU8
SwedenMoms Registrerings NommerMoms Reg. No.SE12
SpainNumero De Identificacion FiscalN.I.F.ES9
UKVAT Registration NumberVAT REG NOGB9 to 12

Only subscribers in countries of the European Union (EU) except Germany, need to disclose their VAT number. This is for proper handling of the VAT

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