16. Oct 2020

Fabbri Group wins best technological innovation at Packaging Oscars

Fabbri Group wins best technological innovation at Packaging Oscars

Fabbri Group has been awarded the honour of ‘Best Technological Innovation’ for its new Nature Fresh cling film and wrapping machine at the 2020 Oscar dell’Imballaggio in Italy. Nature Fresh is the world’s first bioplastic compostable cling film for automatic and manual applications.

Stefano Mele, Fabbri Group’s CEO, comments: “It is fantastic to be recognised for our ground-breaking work in packaging that has created this certified compostable film and wrapping packaging solution. Nature Fresh film is the first certified compostable stretch film for automatic packaging on a global scale. It is compatible with the most popular wrapping machines on the market but our award-winning solution uses the high productivity Automac NF wrapping machines, to take full advantage of the fundamental characteristics of the film.”
A spokesperson for Oscar dell’Imballaggio adds “The competition in this category was fierce but we were impressed with the mechanical properties and aesthetic qualities of this certified compostable film which combine to provide optimal presentation of the product. Utilising the Automac NF packaging machines, which optimise the film machine cycle, allows food manufacturers to combine Nature Fresh with equally compostable labels and trays.”
Nature Fresh is a bio-plastic which is biodegradable and compostable and offers performance equivalent to PVC and better water vapour transmission compared to traditional cling films. It has high mechanical resistance and extensibility, high resistance to puncture and demonstrates maximum performance with thicknesses optimised for application whilst boasting the highest levels of transparency and anti-fog properties. The Automac NF packaging machine is compatible with all other stretch films on the market.
The Oscar dell’Imballaggio, also known as The Packaging Oscars, were established in 1957 and are the world’s most sought after packaging awards.



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