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  • Bioplastics Zone at CHINAPLAS 2017


    CHINAPLAS 2017 (16-19 May, Guangzhou, China) will bring together the world's top plastics material suppliers. As the second largest plastics and rubber exhibition in the world, after K show in Germany, CHINAPLAS will again feature (among other specialty zones) a "Bioplastics Zone" , which will focus on biobased and biodegradable plastics.

    Featuring lightweight, strong plasticity, excellent chemical characteristics and high cost-performance, plastics and rubber are widely used in all walks of life, and the whole world witnessed the rapid development of plastics and rubber industries in recent years. In a sense, the application of plastics and rubber improves the overall living standards of people all around the globe, whilst acceleration of plastics consumption reversely pushes the manufacturing industry towards upgrading and transformation. As the international community advocates and calls for sustainable development and green economy, the global plastics and rubber industries are moving towards the direction of intelligent manufacturing, green and environmentally friendliness, innovation and high efficiency.


    As the second largest plastics and rubber exhibition in the world, after K show in Germany, CHINAPLAS is a well-known trade fair with all-round demonstration of innovative achievements from home and abroad. It serves as a great platform for idea inspiration, technological innovation, and business exchange for the plastics and rubber industries. With the release of numerous new technologies, the last edition of CHINAPLAS was highly appraised by the visitors from all over the world. The show organizer assured that more new technologies will be further unveiled in the coming CHINAPLAS 2017 which will focus on "Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions", with exhibits and solutions covering every stage of the product lifecycle in different sectors, such as E&E and telecom, automotive, packaging, building & construction, medical, etc., fully illustrating CHINAPLAS’ position as a technology and business platform with high-tech content, high value and high standards.


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