Year 2011

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 01/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 01/2011

    Our automotive issue brings you information on the latest developments in this inportant mahrket sector. It starts with our cover-story on the airbag cover that was already briefly introduced at K'2010. The second highlight is bioplastics foams. From particle foams to open cell PLA/PBAT foams and PUR foams based on wood feedstock, we cover abroad range topic. [more]

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 02/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 02/2011

    Highlights: Rigit Packaging and Catering Products; Basics: Bioplastics in Packaging [more]

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 03/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 03/2011

    At a special ‘bioplastics pavilion’ at Chinaplast more than 20 companies including bM showcased their products and services. In tis issue you can find our short report. Another highlight in this issue is our ‘top talk’ interview with Rainer Barthel (Danone), about their launch of Activia in PLA cups and other questions as to the sustainability approach of the brand owner. [more]

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 04/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 04/2011

    One of the highlights in this issue is the subject of bottles, or — more generally — the blow moulding of bottles and containers, including the materials needed. PLA bottles were a hot topic during the last few years, but these days our attention is more attracted by the large soft-drink companies announcing the use of partly, or even 100%, biobased PET for beverage bottles.  [more]

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 05/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 05/2011

    One of the highlights is fibre applications. Like other thermoplastic resins, biopolymers such as PLA or PHA can be spun into fibres with can then be used as filaments for brushes or fibres in nonwovwns or textiles. The other highlights comprise paper coating and algae. [more]

  • bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 06/2011

    bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 06/2011

    The new issue 06/11 (Nov/Dec) of bioplastics MAGAZINE is done and will be printed now. It will will focus mainly on "Films/Flexibles/Bags" and "consumer electronics". [more]