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We recently asked all our subscribers of this free newsletter to re-register. Why?

There is a new law in the European Union "GDPR":

GDPR actually stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes (came) into effect in the EU on May 25, 2018. This new legislation is all about giving you greater security, transparency, and control of your personal data online. Basically a great idea.

The upcoming changes impact companies based in the European Union, or those processing the personal data of people residing in the EU. But we are convinced that data security is important wherever you live.

So in support of the new regulation, we've asked you to re-register for pur newsletters and info-mails.

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We may also include e-mail addresses in our database from people we know that they reside outside the European Union. In any case we will only do this if we are convinced that our free of charge newsletters are benefitial for the recipients.

And: If we meet you in person at a trade show or other event, and you give us your business card, we conclude that you want us to use the contact info. So we'll enter your e-mail-address in our Newsletter mailing list unless you tell us not to do so..

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