10. Jul 2024

First PHA online shop

Helian Polymers (Belfeld, the Netherlands) has launched the first online store for PHAs, a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics, in beta.

The company aims to make PHAs widely available to innovative brands, plastic processors, and research institutes transitioning to non-toxic, biodegradable materials and applications. The shop offers PHAs from various producers in many forms and quantities, delivering them swiftly and reliably to your doorstep. Customers will be able to verify product availability and compare detailed specifications.

The new online PHA store by Helian Polymers offers a unique selection of high-quality PHAs right from the shelf. They provide various materials from the PHA family, including PHB, PHBH, PHBV, and P34HB. These are available in different forms such as pellets, powders, compounds, or additives. Helian Polymers ensures the quality of its products by offering only those resins that have undergone in-house testing. These resins are sourced from carefully chosen brands, such as Bluepha, CJ Biomaterials, Tianan Biologic, PhaBuilder, and PHAradox compounded formulation by Helian Polymers.

The shop provides insight into current stock and offers customers detailed product information with specific resin characteristics, such as heat resistance, barrier properties, and certifications.

Helian Polymers guarantees fast and reliable deliveries via DHL, directly from their warehouse. They aim to ship orders, regardless of size, as quickly as possible. In addition, Helian Polymers offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure the reliability of their deliveries. For larger shippings, customers can contact customer service, who are ready to provide support.

“We're thrilled to add this new chapter to Helian's history. With this unique online shop, Helian Polymers makes an entire family of PHAs accessible to innovative brands and researchers”, said Ruud Rouleaux, CEO of Helian Polymers. “Our shop is specifically designed to encourage small-scale delivery, next to our large-scale distribution. This balance allows us to cater to diverse customer needs, from research institutions conducting pilot tests to large corporations initiating mass production.”

Helian Polymers, established in 1974, initially operated as a traditional fossil plastics company. However, they later decided to adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to material production. Today, they are the leading provider of PHA (PolyHydroxyAlkanoates) in Europe, distributing parent PHA in quantities ranging from 25 kg to over 50 tonnes.

Their mission is to help brands and compounders develop sustainable plastic alternatives using PHA. Besides distributing larger quantities of PHA, they also offer raw or blended PHA in smaller amounts through their new online shop. This facilitates swift and low-risk innovation. Additionally, Helian Polymers provides R&D services, in-house compounding, and testing capabilities to assist in your transition towards sustainability. AT



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