09. Jul 2024

HOBUM and Relement create high performing biobased composite material

Relement (Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands) achieved an important milestone by successfully demonstrating the use of our ingredient bio MPA in high-quality composite materials.

Relement worked with Hobum (Hamburg, Germany) to create this game-changing material: a high-performance, biobased composite material with a glass transition temperature of >110 degrees Celsius.

Hobum aimed to develop composites parts made of plant fibres and a vegetable oil-based resins using a resin-transfer moulding process to create a bisphenol A-free product. Hobum reached out to Relement for the utilisation of our ingredient bio MPA to replace fossil-based anhydrides such as MHHPA in their resins.

After 1.5 year of testing of various formulations, the partnership hit a breakthrough with a recipe based on admergenic acid (ADA), epoxidized linseed oil (ELO) and Relement’s ingredient 3-methylphthalic anhydride (bio MPA). This resulted in a prototype car interior panel part. The composite material reached the highest % biobased (85 %) and the highest glass transition temperature (Tg 95–120 °C depending on catalyst and temperature). A higher Tg results in enhanced strength, stiffness and heat resistance.

There is a strong demand worldwide on availability of lightweight composite materials with high performance. Bio MPA can be a gamechanger for this industry. HOBUM recently showed all technical data at their HOBUM Innovation Exchange Webinar. AT


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