11. Jun 2024

PureCycle’s material suitable for food contact

PureCycle’s material suitable for food contact

PureCycle Technologies (Orlando, FL, USA), today, announced the receipt of a Letter of No Objection (LNO) from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirming that the Company's PureFive™ Ultra-Pure Recycled resin is suitable for use in food-contact applications.

This LNO expands upon a previous no-objection letter to PureCycle from the FDA, confirming that the Agency considers PureFive Ultra-Pure Recycled resin to be suitably pure for use in contact with all food types under FDA's Conditions of Use A through H. This expansion provides PureCycle with the same Conditions of Use for PureFive recycled resin as virgin polypropylene. The Conditions of Use span from frozen food storage to microwaveable packaging.

The FDA's LNO acknowledges that PureCycle may procure a wider range of feedstock for FDA applications, including curbside materials that are sorted for food-grade. Currently, the Company purchases both food-grade and non-food grade feedstocks for the purification operations. The Company previously received an LNO for all food types under Conditions of Use E through G with only food-grade post-consumer recycled feedstock that was collected at stadiums and other point sources.

"This is another big step for our Company and will allow PureCycle to expand our impact and further support brand owners and processors across the globe", said PureCycle CEO Dustin Olson. "Many of our partners have been waiting for this news and we are excited to work with them to approve this product for their food packaging."

This is the result of months of feed preparation and purification through PureCycle's Feedstock Evaluation Unit, sample-gathering and an extensive component challenge-testing in preparation for the final submission.
The Company also previously received an LNO for all food types under Conditions of Use A-H with the use of food-grade post-industrial recycled materials. PureCycle uses a patented recycling process to remove colour, odour, and other impurities from polypropylene plastic waste. AT


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