27. May 2024

Chespa partners with Asahi Photoproducts and Esko for high-quality compostable food packaging

Chespa partners with Asahi Photoproducts and Esko for high-quality compostable food packaging

Chespa, headquartered in Poland (Opole) with numerous sites around Eastern Europe, has partnered with Asahi Photoproducts (Tokyo, Japan) and Esko (Ghent, Belgium).

They to introduced its unique high-barrier-film, biodegradable/compostable, packaging printed using specialized plant-based Chespa inks, Esko’s latest Crystal V screening, and XPS Crystal Exposure system along with Asahi Photoproducts AWP CleanPrint carbon neutral water-washable plates to ensure production of the highest quality print with optimized ink consumption, minimal waste, robust colour, and no VOCs.

Chespa inks are manufactured using a renewable feedstock and generating 35 % less eCO2/kg. They contain up to 40 % dry content versus 1 % for standard inks. Inks are biodegradable, and compostable both in homes and industrial facilities. Based on this and other factors, the company just received an award from the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), in the U.S., for its sustainability programs including its water-based inks manufactured from renewable feedstocks.

The project conducted in collaboration with Asahi and Esko using sustainable substrates and inks as well as carbon neutral printing plates from Asahi, was tested with a chocolate manufacturer using Chespa’s FlexiBio water-based inks, and a manufacturer of peanut-based products using Chespa’s FlexiEco water-based inks. Both manufacturers reported they were delighted with the exceptional quality produced using Chespa’s specialty inks, a sustainable substrate, high-quality screening from Esko and Asahi’s carbon neutral CleanPrint plates.

The barrier-coated paper, branded FlexiLack FX Barrier by Chespa, is a high-performance metallized compostable film that consists of four layers: a cellulose film coated top and bottom with a specialized coating with a top layer of a printable metallized surface. It combines excellent optical properties with enhanced barrier and deadfold capabilities. Target applications include twistwrap and flow-wrap of confectionery, bakery and non-food products. This packaging is ideal for premium-look labelling applications and is cold-seal compatible. The project is targeting brand owners with maximum achievements in sustainability as well es keeping the functional packaging barrier properties required for this type of food application in focus. AT


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