02. Apr 2024

Solar panel installation advances Luminy® PLA production sustainability

Solar panel installation advances Luminy® PLA production sustainability

TotalEnergies Corbion (Gorinchem, the Netherlands), a pioneer in PLA bioplastics production, continues to lead the charge towards sustainable production and consumption practices with the installation of solar panels at its plant in Rayong, Thailand.

This initiative aligns with the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12, emphasizing responsible consumption and production.

The TotalEnergies Corbion plant in Rayong has integrated solar panels into its energy mix through a Solar Rooftop, Carport, and Cover Way project with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) spanning 20 years. This project, implanted by TotalEnergies Eneos, has a capacity of 1,251 kWp, and is situated within the Asia Industrial Estate, facilitated by B.Grimm, the utility provider. Expected generation from the solar panels amounts to about 1.6 GWh annually, resulting in avoiding emissions of 823 tonnes of CO2 per year.

"The installation of solar panels at our Rayong plant marks a significant milestone in our sustainability journey", said Olivier de Linares, Plant Director at TotalEnergies Corbion. "We are proud to leverage renewable energy sources and innovative technologies to drive sustainable production practices while ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees. This project was made possible through a great collaboration between our shareholders: leveraging from the Corbion premises and getting access to leading Solar Panel solutions brought by TotalEnergies Eneos".

A notable aspect of the project's execution was its adherence to stringent safety standards, spearheaded by TotalEnergies Eneos. "One point of interest is that the project construction went well on time and with zero accidents. This was led by TotalEnergies Eneos, who implemented their best safety standards, especially regarding work at height", adds Olivier de Linares.

The incorporation of solar panels underscores TotalEnergies Corbion's unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact and advancing sustainability credentials. Operating at full industrial scale, the plant in Rayong serves as a testament to the tangible impact of biopolymers, while constantly striving for optimization to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

The plant in Rayong employs over 100 individuals, highlighting TotalEnergies Corbion's dedication to fostering employment opportunities and supporting local communities. The use of PLA bioplastics supports United Nations SDG 12 by promoting sustainable consumption and production practices, reducing environmental impact, and fostering a transition towards a more circular and sustainable economy. TotalEnergies Corbion remains steadfast in its pursuit of sustainable solutions, with the installation of solar panels in Rayong serving as a testament to its commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices. AT


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