13. Sep 2023

Industrially compostable stretch wrap technology gets patent

Cortec® Corporation (St Paul, MN, USA) has been awarded a US patent for its commercially compostable industrial strength stretch film technology, also known as Eco Wrap® film.

This patent is a significant milestone in Cortec’s ongoing quest to develop environmentally responsible products and distinguishes Cortec as a leader in “green” packaging technology.

Eco Wrap is a specialty wrapping film that meets the EN 13432/ASTM D6400 standards for commercial composting and was certified industrially compostable by TÜV Austria (#TA8012106218) in 2021. It is extremely elastic and suited for general machine stretch wrapping applications. It can be used to replace conventional plastic stretch wrap with the goal of improving the user’s environmental image and reducing conventional plastic waste when the material is properly disposed in a commercial composting environment.

Eco Wrap can be used on most existing automated machines and is easily applied by adjusting (typically increasing) the tension on standard stretch wrapping equipment. It has also been tested on an orbital wrapping machine without breaking, showing greater strength than another film that did not successfully pass the trial. In another case, a coffee distributor who tried Eco Wrap for stretch wrapping pallets of coffee bags was pleased with the results.

Due to the extensive use of stretch film in today’s world, Eco Wrap has many exciting possible uses across multiple industries wherever palletization is needed.

• Manufacturing: Countless raw materials and finished goods need to be placed on pallets and wrapped before storage or shipping. Items may include raw material drums, auto parts, computers, tools, wires, cables, carpets, and much more!

• Online retail: Online shopping represents a growing market share of retail and is a natural consumer of stretch wrap for palletizing boxed goods. Companies can use Eco Wrap in an effort to reverse their negative image of contributing heavily to plastic packaging waste. By using Eco Wrap within their own supply chain, they will also have better oversight of making sure the film is disposed in the proper waste stream after use.

• Agriculture: Firewood, lumber, hay bales, and other agriculture materials can be bundled and wrapped with Eco Wrap.

• Baggage and furniture handling: Eco Wrap can be used to corral luggage at the airport or securely wrap furniture before loading it onto the moving van. These are two more applications where users have better oversight of disposal due to internal use.

• Food industry: The food industry presents a major opportunity for palletizing cans, crates, bottles, cartons, and bags. Eco Wrap can be used for stretch wrapping in these countless bulk packaging applications where there is no direct contact with food.

• While today’s society is placing increasing pressure on industries to conform to new environmental goals, Cortec has long been on its own mission to use biodegradable or biobased materials where possible. The new Eco Wrap patent is an excellent example of how that motivation has turned Cortec into a leader in “green” packaging development. AT



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