19. May 2023

New injection mouldable seaweed resin

New injection mouldable seaweed resin

At the recent 2023 Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit, Loliware (San Jose, CA, USA), North America's fastest-growing seaweed materials company, announced the launch of its newest seaweed resin for injection moulding.

This new bioplastic will power the company's first-ever Seaweed Utensil Set and be manufactured on standard plastics injection-moulding equipment.

“We're thrilled to launch our second regenerative, compostable resin”, said Loliware founder and CEO Sea F. Briganti. “It unlocks hundreds, if not thousands, of new products to replace single-use plastics at scale using the industry's existing equipment.”

These new products will easily fill a market gap created by the UK’s recent ban on single-use utensils, in addition to the ban on single-use plastics under the EU Plastics Directive. These new utensils represent Loliware's formal launch into the European and UK markets, meaning their products will be widely available for businesses to purchase or license.

At the event, Loliware also introduced its newest advisory board member Jeff Wooster, the former Global Sustainability Director at Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, and offered demonstrations of the new products. Company officials also met with potential distribution partners for the company's new line of Seaweed Utensil Sets, as well as its popular Seaweed Straws in all sizes – standard, jumbo, boba, and cocktail.

“Creating a seaweed resin that was compatible with injection moulding machinery proved to be a challenging task, as seaweed has unique properties and stringent performance requirements had to be met for the resulting parts”, said Loliware Chief Technology Officer Victoria Piunova in her address at the materials industry's premier annual event. “Loliware's utensils function similarly to their plastic counterparts but, by composting naturally, are literally Designed to Disappear®”.

Founded in 2016, Loliware is a leader among a growing number of regenerative businesses focusing on materials that support a stronger ecosystem. Loliware's seaweed-derived resins are fully compatible with existing manufacturing plastic extruding equipment, providing a unique, cost-effective way to replace single-use plastics at scale. The seaweed can be processed into Loliware's materials at local facilities and made into a wide array of products which compost easily and enrich the soil. Utensils and injection moulding resins are ready for pre-order. AT


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