11. Apr 2023

Free webinar: Renewable Carbon as guiding principle for sustainable carbon cycles and policy

Free webinar: Renewable Carbon as guiding principle for sustainable carbon cycles and policy

The Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) will give a free webinar tomorrow (April 12, 2023 – 14:00–15:30 (CET)) focussing on their Carbon Flows report.

The RCI and the Renewable Carbon concept address the core problem of climate change, which is extracting and using additional carbon from the ground (the geosphere) that will eventually end up in the atmosphere. Companies are encouraged to focus on phasing out fossil resources and use renewable carbon instead. In their webinars, they present different activities of the initiative to drive this message, show key results of different scientific papers they develop, how they advocate and connect with relevant stakeholders from policy, and how they maintain a network of interested companies to learn from and grow with each other.

In this webinar, they will take a closer look at the recently published Carbon Flows Report of RCI (see also our News from March 20). The Carbon Flows report is a compilation of supply and demand of fossil and renewable carbon on a global and European level. It provides a comprehensive understanding of today’s carbon flows and what it means to replace fossil carbon with renewable carbon in the materials and chemicals sectors. Its main intent is to provide a uniform and transparent data basis for future carbon management that can be used and shared by industry, associations, policymakers, science and alike.

You are cordially invited to join the lively discussion. Join the webinar tomorrow, on 12 April 2023, 14:00-15:30 CET via Zoom (link below). Please feel free to share the link with other stakeholders. AT


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