05. Apr 2023

Türkiye’s first commercial-scale advanced recycling plant

Türkiye’s first commercial-scale advanced recycling plant

Honeywell UOP (Des Plaines, IL, USA) recently announced that Biotrend Energy (Istanbul, Türkiye) signed equipment supply, production license, and warranty agreements to build Türkiye’s first commercialized advanced waste recycling plant using Honeywell UOP UpCycle Process Technology.

The facility will convert mixed waste plastics into recycled polymer feedstock (RPF), helping enable the development of a circular economy for plastics.

Two parallel 30,000 tonne units of modular design will be built in the Izmir region of Türkiye and are expected to start up in 2025. The planned advanced recycling plant is expected to have the capacity to transform 60,000 tonnes of mixed waste plastics into RPF per year, twice the amount of the originally projected 30,000 tonnes announced in 2022. Biotrend Energy will provide the feedstock for the plant and Honeywell UOP will provide related engineering and technical services, including startup, commissioning, and technical support services during the plant’s lifetime. The plant is anticipated to be the first advanced recycling plant in Türkiye and one of the first in the world.

“There is an increasing demand for recycled plastic products as a result of the circular economy commitments made by the world's leading companies, and Honeywell UOP UpCycle Process Technology can support Biotrend’s efforts to increase recovery volumes of circular materials”, said Salih Tuncer Mutlucan, Member of the Board of Directors of Biotrend. “The advanced recycling facility we plan to establish in Türkiye will be one of the first in Türkiye and in the world, the facility will be able to recycle original raw plastic material and enable a true circular economy”.

Currently, Biotrend Energy is only able to recover a low percentage of mechanically recycled materials. Moreover, there are some types of plastic waste that cannot be recycled mechanically due to certain process limitations caused by contamination, colours, and additives used in plastic production. Currently, the plastics that cannot be mechanically recycled are either converted into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or stored in landfills.

“Honeywell has the proven technology to help shape the energy transition and our collaboration with Biotrend will dramatically increase the amount of plastic that can be recycled in Türkiye”, said Uygar Doyuran, Honeywell’s President of Türkiye, Israel, and Central Asia. “Together, Honeywell and Biotrend can help enable a circular economy for plastics by converting mixed waste plastics into recycled polymer feedstock. Honeywell’s participation as an investor in this project with Biotrend demonstrates how much we trust our technology. The high performance of our UpCycle Technology gives us great confidence in the success of this collaboration”.

The recent announcement expands the UpCycle Process Technology footprint and marks an important milestone of making this project a reality while building on Honeywell's recent announcements in the U.S., South Korea, and China. AT


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