27. Mar 2023

Black is the New Green

Black is the New Green

Newlight Technologies (Huntington Beach, CA, USA) is excited to announce the newest line extension to its family of AIRCARBON home-compostable straws – Aircarbon Straws in black – advancing the company's mission to help end climate change in this generation by creating products that work for people and the planet.

Designed with the consumer experience in mind, AIRCARBON straws in black are smooth, never soggy, and home compostable, making them an ideal alternative to traditional paper straws that often get soggy during use. Available in a variety of sizes and both wrapped and unwrapped versions, Aircarbon Straws in black are the perfect answer for restaurants, resorts, and hotels looking to reduce their environmental footprint while enhancing the customer experience.

Aircarbon was born out of 10 years of research to mimic a process that occurs in the ocean every day, wherein naturally-occurring microorganisms in saltwater turn air and greenhouse gas into a material that is strong, smooth, carbon-negative, and home-compostable. The Aircarbon molecule, also known as PHB, is made naturally in every ecosystem on Earth, from the bottom of the ocean to the heart of rainforests. Today, Aircarbon is made at Newlight's production site in Southern California, harnessing the power of nature on land and at scale.

Aircarbon Straws in black, together with straws in natural, green, and brown, are now available through select distributors across the U.S., adding to the portfolio of Aircarbon Cutlery and Aircarbon Straws currently being distributed by Newlight's preferred partners. Aircarbon Straws have been certified home-compostable by TÜV Austria, industrially-compostable by BPI, and carbon-negative by SCS Global Services--turning everyday products into a force for change.

AIRCARBON STRAWS in black are the new brand standard for all Loews Hotels in the U.S. and are available for sale via select distributors around the country, including Imperial Dade, Edward Don, U.S. Foods, Sysco, Triple F, Premium, and VIP Foodservice. AT


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